Shadowbox Pilates
Embrace your strength, embody confidence.

Shadowbox Pilates' philosophy is to practice movement in a way which empowers us to be our most authentic selves and to dig deep to honor our own self confidence. We learn to be the greatest source of magic in our life which transcends through movement and the mind’s connection to the body. 

Packages & Memberships

We offer a variety of class packages and memberships so there's something for everyone. Click below to learn more and choose which option is right for you.

Pilates Classes

We offer a collection of classes with talented and skillful instructors to meet all of your fitness goals. We encourage you to try multiple formats and diversify your Pilates routine!

Infrared Sauna

Our Sunlighten Amplify™ II infrared sauna set to 120° F promotes detoxification, immunity, heart health, muscle recovery, and stress relief. Book a session by yourself or with a friend!


Shadowbox Pilates Founder, Amanda Duckstein, has been teaching fully comprehensive Pilates for over 13 years in Baltimore, Manhattan, Nashville, Westchester, and the Hamptons. Amanda began teaching Pilates part time in college and continued to teach nights and weekends while working corporate jobs full time. Eventually she made the transition into teaching full time which offered the opportunity to expand her anatomical knowledge base and choreography flows.

She has found teaching Pilates to be the most rewarding experience when she sees her students becoming more confident in their movements, in their bodies, and in their hearts. Amanda specializes in Pre and Postnatal Pilates, neurological specialities, and osteoporosis via the Pilates Method Alliance and National Pilates Certification Program.

xo Amanda
FOUNDER, Shadowbox Pilates


What is Shadowbox Pilates?

We love witnessing our students grow physically and mentally. Your Shadowbox Pilates team is here to support you through your fitness journey whether that means getting exponentially stronger, training for a life event, recovering from injury, or getting out of your head and connecting with your soul for an hour.

We offer 5 class formats:
ShadowBox Pilates (Reformer Pilates + Shadowboxing)
ShadowAir (Jumpboard Pilates + Shadowboxing)
ShadowReformer (Reformer Pilates)
ShadowTower (Tower Pilates)
ShadowTechnique (Advanced Reformer Pilates)


I've always loved taking class with Amanda because it's CHALLENGING, but FUN. She's super motivating and ensures you are always in proper form. You can tell she genuinely cares about her students both inside and outside the studio.

Amanda is the best teacher I’ve ever worked with! She gives clear cues and always explains how to get the MOST out of every move. The space is beautiful, bright, clean and has great equipment. Can’t wait to come back and try other classes!

Clean, new studio with beautiful equipment. The sauna is a great bonus. I love Amanda’s cues. Great workout for all levels.

Amanda is one of my favorite teachers. Her Pilates classes are amazing and I’m LOVING the shadowboxing … it’s the cardio burst that I knew I needed and now my life is complete!!

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