How do I know which class is right for me?
We offer a variety of classes in order to provide our clients with a well rounded exercise routine.
🖤 ShadowBox Pilates - Our signature class is 45 minutes of athletic reformer Pilates, plus 15 minutes of shadowboxing with weights to light a fire in the upper body.
🖤 ShadowReformer - 50 minute athletic reformer class utilizing springs and props to build functional strength and improve flexibility.
🖤 ShadowTower - On the stable surface of the tower we find flow and connection within the body, challenging strength and flexibility, improving the body’s connection to the mind, and focusing on the breath.
🖤 ShadowAir - In this jumpboard reformer class we bring a cardiovascular component to your Pilates toning and strengthening. We complete 50 minutes of 3 jumping, strength and shadowboxing circuits.
🖤 ShadowTechnique - This advanced reformer flow class is ideal for the advanced student who exhibits a strong body and mind connection, wants to uplevel their Pilates technique, and is stimulated by challenging flow and balance. We integrate advanced exercises from the Classical Pilates system and choreographed contemporary flows.

What is shadowboxing?
Shadowboxing is a cardiovascular and strength workout we have tacked on to the ShadowBox and ShadowAir classes. At the end of class we spend 15 minutes shadowboxing for a quick and fun cardio burst, with a punchy playlist that hypes us up for our jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts.

I have an injury. Which class is right for me?
Our classes are carefully designed with potential contraindications in mind. We recommend you begin with ShadowBox, ShadowReformer, or ShadowTower. Please arrive a few minutes early to your class to discuss your contraindications with your instructor, or email if you have more questions.

I'm pre-natal. Which class is right for me?
We are so glad you are continuing your Pilates journey throughout pregnancy! We want to ensure all our students are putting their safety first, therefore we invite you to take ShadowBox, ShadowReformer, and ShadowTower.

The class I want to take does not say how many spots are available. Can I book?
Yes. Due to the website software, if there are no students booked in that class it will not display "10 spots available." If the class does not show any number of spots available, that means the class is completely free to book.

Do you offer private sessions?
Yes! We offer privates and small groups. See pricing page for details. Email to book.

What is an infrared sauna?
Our 2 person Sunlighten Amplify II™ two person sauna has patented SoloCarbon far infrared heaters that send the high quality and high quantity infrared wavelengths for maximum cellular absorption. Infrared heat is completely safe and healthy for all living things. It is the same heat used in hospitals to warm premature babies. SoloCarbon® heating technology, found exclusively in our Amplify sauna from Sunlighten, is the most proven, effective far infrared heater on the market. Combined with the full spectrum heaters included in the Amplify II, this sauna session gives you the benefits of all three infrared wavelengths: near, mid and far.

Is the infrared sauna safe for me?
If any of the below apply to you, consult your physician prior to use:
Chronic conditions/diseases associated with with reduced ability to perspire
Cardiovascular conditions
Alcohol/alcohol abuse
Sensitivity to heat
Joint injury
Implants (metal/artificial joints)
*Per Sunlighten Inc.

Where is Shadowbox Pilates?
670 Montauk Highway, Suite C1, Water Mill, NY, 11976. We are located next to the Water Mill Post Office and Kissaki. There is a large parking lot in the back of the building.

I had an emergency come up and need to cancel. How do I get in touch?
We understand life happens and things come up. Out of fairness to all of our students Shadowbox Pilates has a strict (12) hour cancellation policy for group classes and infrared sauna, and (24) hour cancellation policy for privates.
If you need to cancel your class please do so on We do not accept cancellations via email, phone, or social media.

Group Class Cancellations:
🖤 If you cancel within the (12) hour window, you will keep your class credit and be charged a $15 late cancellation fee.
🖤 If you do not show up for the class you booked, you will keep your class credit and be charged a $30 late cancellation fee.
🖤 If you arrive at a different class time than you booked and would like to take that class, keep in mind we cannot guarantee availability. If you make it into the class you will be charged a $10 change reservation fee.

Private & Duet Session Cancellations:
🖤 If you cancel before the (24) hour window you will keep your class credit.
🖤 If you cancel within the (24) hour window you will forfeit your class credit.

What is the expiration date on my class and sauna packages?
Drop in classes do not expire.
A 5 Class Package expires within 45 days of the first booked class.
A 10 Class Package expires within 60 days of the first booked class.
***Class memberships renew automatically unless you cancel 30 days in advance.
5 Pack Infrared Sauna expires within 45 days of the first booked session.
10 Pack Infrared Sauna expires within 60 days of the first booked session.
We do not offer exceptions nor refunds. Packages may be extended for a fee.